You live Once is Not True. You have been living Multiple Lives

Israr Ul Haq
4 min readJan 22, 2023

Do you have the same life you once had in your childhood?

Sometimes we think of life as a straight line. If someone we know is an engineer we make up our minds about them as their profession. Similarly, we view a politician as if they were always a politician.

Answer me this, do you still have the same life as you had when you were in college? No, why does it matter? Because we have to be conscious of what is happening, what has happened before, and what is coming.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Let’s go through each life you have spent on this globe in space.

Baby Life

We are born, we are taken care of as a baby, and we live baby life. Everyone loves us, a day is full of attention, kisses, gifts, and toys and our belly is full. We may not even walk and talk yet, but our life has begun.

This is an amazing part of life we all lived; interestingly, none of us have any memory of it. But believe me, we were treated the same as you see babies treated now.

Childhood Life

This is when you explore the life around you. You get to know your immediate family and relatives who gather at events. You meet your cousins, understand your relationship with your siblings, play games with each other or explore in the mud solo. You play with toys, watch cartoons, draw, and learn new things.

This is one of the most beautiful life all of us had, and throughout our time here we will never forget our childhood. Oh god, those were the days, stress-free, tension-free, and unlimited energy, and sleeping at night wasn’t a challenge, we all slept the best in our childhood didn’t we?

Teenage Life

Well, this was the time we started to discover our neighborhood a little more. Made friends, watched movies, started playing some real games, and playing with toys was over. Computer games took us by storm. Hormone changes made us attractive to our fellow teen human beings and this opened a whole new reality for us, which we are so scared and excited to explore. School is getting harder, grades matter now, and you can feel the competition now with your friends, cousins, or even siblings.



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