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Israr Ul Haq

Projects I was about to delete, are now making money while I sleep.

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I am not a fan of beating around the bush, and I myself have grown distance from those articles which do.


I would like to get to the point as quickly as possible.

Keeping it brief — I was about to delete them all, but I didn’t and instead, I uploaded them somewhere on the internet and now they make me money every day.

In my design career of the past 3 years, I have completed several dozens of projects.

First, let us understand exactly how…

No. 5 is my favorite. It states obvious, though most of us have forgotten

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#1 Reading More than an Average Person do

Being successful is important enough for you that is why you are taking the time to read about it as much as possible. It is one of the reasons you are reading this article right now. You have bought some self-help books too on “How to be successful” or you are thinking about buying one. You’ve been listening to podcasts on “How to be satisfied with life”. You are watching videos about financial freedom online. If you are after it today, you will be ahead of it tomorrow.

Reading is the most important success factor. There are people who don’t…

Ask yourself this: Am I lacking motivation or discipline?

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We all have our wishes and ultimate desires but only a few of us are granted those wishes. How come most of us are not achieving the things we want?

There can be several reasons, but Lack Of Discipline is by far the most common and highly ignored reason of all.

We surely want success but I doubt everyone is willing to pay the cost. If it was the case most of us would have achieved everything that matters to us.

We lack discipline and that is it — -we are spoiled by laziness

We want success delivered to us…

Did it helped me spiritually and financially?

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Should You Quit Social media?

Getting more work done can not be the only justifiable reason, because you might still be achieving 3x more than me while still being active on social media.

So there is more to it than just work. It is the peace of mind and clarity we are after.

When you are on social media, you think of what others think of you, and this makes you change the real you for other people.

This is a rare form of people-pleasing which feeds off your actual existence and personality.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that people are no…

Who asks, Is it a big deal, What is causing this, How to charge for the work

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Designers face these requests for free work more often than people in any-other profession. Lets bury it once and for all, you are not doing any free work from this moment on.

But before that, lets just briefly go over to how actually the free design requests reach you, who are the freebies and is it really worth worrying about? This is to get you in the mood of how it actually feels when you are called for a unpaid design job.

Who asks for this favor?


Tragically interesting events lighten up my mind with quotations.

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When life strike us hard, we all come up with some sort of theories and philosophies of our own.

Majority of us strongly stand by those concepts. We start to believe in them as they appear to be true because that’s how we think the world works around us.

Interestingly, we also tend to forget and stand aside from those concepts we once believed in. The most common reason of this happening is the new experiences we take which are the complete opposite to our previous ones. This results in changing our perceptions entirely as we evolve with time.


WHY do it and WHEN to do it

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Going an extra mile is not extra, it is essential for your personal growth and growth is what distinguishes you when you stand tall in a dense crowd of freelancers — Israr

So, what happens when you surprise a client by delivering more than what was originally been agreed.

You instantly make the person on the other side of the screen the happiest person on the globe. …

From creating a portfolio on Behance to a freelancing profile on Fiverr

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Freelancing is considered the first place to go for people who are providing digital services to people from around the world. It can be anything from video editing, photo editing, illustrating, or user experience (UX) designing in my case.

This piece, at its best, covers the basics around freelancing on Fiverr as a UI/UX designer and creating an online presence through a portfolio in a short amount of time.

Let's get started.

I Followed Two Simple Steps

Step 1- Creating a Portfolio

Step 2- Setting up Fiverr account

Let me break these down for you and show you how easy it is to make your…

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Not an year ago, I was jobless, hopeless and regretful about the choices I made whether in career, faith or relationships. It wasn’t so much different from what your situation might be right now, I am not saying that I was special, that the grievance I had over how my life sucked, was like nobody else’s. I was doing okay living with my parents had good laughs with my siblings and friends often.

The thing which hurts us most is seeing people close to us, progress into their lives and get ahead of us whether it is career or personal…

Israr Ul Haq

Teaching what I know. Correct me where I am in the wrong. Cheers!

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